Turn your webpage into real 24/7 salesman!

... boost your webpages sales potential with smart geo targeting possilities.

Salescycle doesn't end when viewer comes to your webpage - it begins there!
Show only offers what are ment for this specific viewer. It will boost your sales!



Webpage is used as active saleschannel.
Atleast 2 active campaigns constantly.
Clients and offices are in atleast 2 different location
(different town, state, country, region, language).
Your bannerplaces are limited.
You want to be more successful!



Add our easiest location and language geotargeting system to your campaigns.
If viewer matches your criteria, we will show immediately your campaing for this segment.
Now can make dirrerent offers to different target markets. Everything happens in same bannerplace.



More direct offers means more conversion possibilities. Rethink your websalesstrategies and localize your campaigns. Personalized campaigns successrate will rise about 70%.
If viewers see what they like, this will rise clickrate about 2 times!.

Seeing is believing - Just try it! It's FREE for 30 days!

How does it work?


If you want to bring something up in your webpage, then you make a banner for it. If you have more offers, you make more banners or turn them to sliderbanner (ads are rotating in same bannerplace)... and that's it!

Today you are showing same offers with same design and slogans to every viewer. Unfortunately this does not work - if they are ment for everybody then they are not speaking with anybody.
Real waste of your webpages true sales potential!


Our system will help you to attract every viewers attention. We will look from where and what language are they speaking. If they are one of your targeted market, then we will show them an ad what is ment for this specific viewer. Now your web is communicating with every viewer personally.

You can diversify your campaigns now with different ad design or slogan (whatever suits for this locations viewer): For example - Same product but different design for New York, LA or Texas... If we see that Your viewer is from LA we will show them immediately your  "LA campaign" info.
Even better, You can make absolutely different campaigns for different locations. Now you have a whole new salesstrategies possible in your webpage also. Just like in real life.

Best part is that everything is taking place on this same bannerplace! All other info is same for everybody, only content in this specific bannerarea will be changed.

Your webpages is your main saleschannel and NOW you have transformed it into a real 24/7 salesman!


Tips and tricks

Some ideas how to harvest geo targeting possibilities for your company

Users feedback:

We wanted to make different ads  to different markets
without the need to create a lot's of banners.  For US
users one message, to UK users another and so on.
Different segmented ads in same adspace, so helpful. - Free tools for home entertainers
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